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Usually we use prisms in two ways, one is dispersing light, The other one is deviating light.

Jiheng Optics can supply the following prisms: 

-Rhombic prism  

-Coner cube  

-Porro prism  

-Dove prism  

-Right angle prism  

-Penta prism  

-Pellin broca prism 

Except the referred prisms, Jiheng Optics can also manufacture custom optics, such as the six angle prisms showing on the above picture. The angle tolerance is so important for prisms in its application, but the process of the angle tolerance control is very difficult because prisms have several angles, and the tolerance always transmit from one angle to another one, at last it usually have a very serious deviation.

The Following picture is a ZYGO inspection report for a right angle prism’s hypotenuse face for your reference.

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